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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Electronic Hookah?


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You might have heard about electronic cigars that gives you the ability to smoke, water vapor as against actual smoke. When this method is followed, people can get their nicotine requirement on without the horrible tar. Have you heard about e-hookah? It is the same concept like electronic cigars in small little sticks. Even though, many people have already tried these new alternatives to smoke hookah, many are still on the wall of confusion as to whether to give these alternatives a try. Here are the details about the pros and cons of electronic hookah:




No tobacco: These electronic alternatives will provide you the vapor and flavoring along with the nicotine, when you choose an appropriate brand. This is because only some brands come with nicotine.

No tar: If you are concerned about the tar, the electronic alternative can be the right choice for you as there is no tobacco and the resulting tar is also eliminated.

Rechargeable: The e-hookah is generally battery operated. So, it can be easily charged before use and the battery will also last longer because they do not require much energy for the creation of puff. Here, the thing to remember is that there are electronic hookahs that are disposable and not refillable or rechargeable in the market. But, some latest model comes with rechargeable option. So, purchasers should be careful in this regard.

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Disposable: Not only reusable models, there are disposable alternatives available that can be used once and can be tossed off by the users.

No cleaning: As actual hookah is not involved, there is nothing to clean

No lighting costs: As electronic hookah is battery operated, there is no need for the users to wait until the coal gets burned

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Easier for travel: As they are smaller in size, they can easily fit into the pocket of the users and so they can easily use it during transit.


Those looking for the real smoking experience will not get it with these electronic alternatives. Even though, the users can get nicotine, they cannot get the actual hookah flavor.

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As against the original alternatives, these electronic alternatives cost more.

As they are battery operated, the draining of eliquid will happen in a faster pace and so it cannot be shared with friends.

In short, these newer alternatives are safe to health as against the conventional alternatives. All it takes is choosing the right brand.

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